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Saline Area Sustainability CircleSaline Sustainability Circle
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Saline Area Sustainability Circle

At the August 21, 2012, Saline Area Sustainability Circle meeting, the remaining regular attenders voted unanimously to put the organization "on hold" until further notice. Some of you are aware that the SASC has been working diligently on a regional planning concept for the membership to participate in over the last two plus years. Unfortunately, the City of Saline was the only member that embraced and supported the proposed concept. Additionally, the interest in the SASC by the various members and supportive groups has greatly diminished over the last year or so. If/When there is a need or desire for the SASC to be brought back on-line we will do so. Thank you all for your tremendous amount of effort and support over the last several years.

The Saline Area Sustainability Circle was established to coordinate the vision and planning for the Saline Community.  Member organizations include:

Lodi Township

City of Saline

Pittsfield Township

Saline Township

Saline Area Schools

York Township

Saline Area Chamber of Commerce

For more information, contact one of the officers:
Chair:         Todd Campbell, City Manager, City of Saline    734-429-4907 Ext. 2211
Vice Chair:  David Rhoads, Council Member, City of Saline  734-429-4907 Ext. 3005